BiG Collaboration

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Often, the grandest adventures begin with a simple yes. The studio’s first resin pouring came from a brave and unexpected yes. Each Divine Appointment since that first “yes” has led to the next step, the next challenge, the next idea.

I met BiG Founder and Executive Director Erin Kiltz, during Arts Goggle, 2017. Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG) is an innovative vocational community for adults with special needs. It is a small community with enormous passion. 

In January of 2018, Erin brought a small crew to Fort Worth to see the process behind the pours and artfully asked if I would accept being BiG’s “Featured Collaborative Artist” for their 2018 Art Auction. 

Working with BiG’s Citizens was unbelievable. The Citizens were the true artists. Over two days, I worked with pairs of BiG Citizen artists. They poured about 90% of the resin with a touch of guidance here or there from me and I added my finishing touches. It was magical to be invited into their world so warmly. I even got to sing Amazing Grace to Gracie Kiltz, Erin's daughter and the catalyst for her work.

BiG’s staff and Citizens live like life is rigged in their favor. The same way they are constantly asked to stretch and grow, through our collaboration I was honored to do the same. I’m so proud to say that we raised almost $70,000, during the live auction with the four collaboration paintings!!

This is only the beginning of this deeply, impactful relationship; my heart is forever changed. BiG love for these talented humans!