About AlanaKay

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Welcome to AlanaKayART. What started as a DIY project in my driveway soon unfolded into me answering a simple question, “Are you an artist?” to which I boldly answered, "Yes. I am!"

I have a background in cosmetology and fashion merchandising. I've always cultivated color into every part of my life, never content to blend into a crowd, determined to leave the world brighter than I found it. I believe wholeheartedly that the richness of tones can change a mood, spark joy, and evoke connection.

As an Artist, my passion is to communicate stories with vibrancy. Our world does not exist in black and white. It is loud with movement and full of life. I believe we should surround ourselves with things that make us come alive. My art explores the tension -- a magnetic pull between impatience and patience. Desire, urgency, and excitement fuel my creativity while slowing down, careful evaluation, and waiting refine the process. It is a delicate balance of grit and grace.

My best days are spent in the studio creating one-of-a-kind pieces that transform spaces into expressions of each unique client. Our life is a canvas. Every space, from our closets to our dining tables, deserve beauty. This is why I transform my original paintings into wearable art, jewelry, and home decor. 

AlanaKayART exists to be a space of collaboration and creation, filling the world with color. AlanaKayART has empowered private patrons and partnered with non-profits. Escaping the StormLand of OzGenesis – each piece represents a completely different history, but they all tell the human story.

AlanaKayART, art for every day life.


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