About AlanaKay

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Welcome to AlanaKayART. What started as a DIY art project in her driveway resulted in AlanaKay being asked a simple question that would change the course of her life, “Are you an artist?” 

AlanaKay is not a classically trained artist but creativity has been flowing through her since she was a young child. Receiving a merchandising degree from the University of North Texas and a cosmetology license, she is uniquely talented in a combination of visual aesthetics relating to how people present themselves to the world. Landing a highly competitive role in the JCPenney Merchandise Trainee program out of college, then hired to stay on as an Inventory Analyst and later promoted to Assistant Buyer, she got the taste of corporate retail she thought she always needed. But red tape and endless spreadsheets proved to be soul crushing for the creative.

She left her career behind to follow and support her husband in his career efforts and then became a stay at home mom to her son. Although this job was necessary and exactly what her family needed at the time, it left AlanaKay unfulfilled. After moving around and starting over several times in her married life, she was left feeling disconnected and actively pursued meeting people in order to find where she fit in. This “fitting in” has been a constant desire in the artist’s life but one that eludes her regularly. 

Throughout the first 36 years of her life, AlanaKay felt like she was always a bit different and wanted to march to the beat of her own drum (some might say) but her small town childhood left her wanting to feel accepted. She grew up in a trailer house on an 80 acre farm outside of Clifton, TX, population 3,000. Her parents worked 2 and 3 jobs each to make ends meet. She did not have the brand name clothing other kids had and cable tv was not available outside of town. Reading magazines of all kinds is how she learned about style and what existed outside of her small-town upbringing. She knew she had to find a way to experience the cities that never sleep.

After accomplishing all the life milestones that society says lead to the American dream, she looked around and found a sea of sameness that she did not really fit into. Just like the little girl on the farm that taught herself to curl the tallest birds nest bangs and style an outfit with what she had available, AlanaKay set out to design a life that was elevated differently than what she was seeing around her. She declared her life’s mission would be: Create Beautiful Things, in all areas of life. This began by decorating her home and taking risks with color and pattern, then evolved into extravagant dinner parties and cooking, and the travel bug bit the artist during this time which opened her eyes to so many new colors and textures and people.

In 2017, while pouring her first-ever resin piece, AlanaKay’s creativity sparked to life and she was hooked. Through her art, she communicates stories with vibrancy and evokes an emotional response from all who view her paintings. Our world does not exist in black and white; it is loud with movement and full of life. But somewhere along our journey we often get stuck in believing we must dress a certain way or only pursue society accepted norms. AlanaKayART the brand was birthed in an effort to create a world AlanaKay had longed for, a place where differences are embraced and she is more understood, a place where standing out is how you fit in.

When asked to describe her favorite thing about the brand AlanaKay responds, "I love that I can be a small part of creating joy for someone else." Through this brand, AlanaKay has seen firsthand how people’s faces light up when they encounter someone wearing one of her products. Barriers are broken instantly, and the compliments are free flowing to the wearer. AlanaKayART can boost your mood and your confidence!! 

Today, AlanaKay is the artist, designer and CEO of her brand AlanaKayART. She sells direct to consumer through her own website as well as through several affiliates, sells wholesale to boutiques across the country, and still creates each original artwork in her home art studio by hand. AlanaKay said she has never felt more comfortable in an environment as she does as the artist and designer of this vibrant and unique brand. We hope you will join us in this space and find your own joy from our art and products. 


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