Color Evangelist

About Alana Kay

Self-taught artist, designer, and color enthusiast, Alana Kay captures the beauty of this chaotic thing we call life in her abstract resin paintings. In a world where women are often told to blend in, Alana Kay preaches the freedom found in standing out. 

Fueled by the power of color

Alana Kay digitally transforms her large resin paintings into fashion, accessories, and home décor. Her pieces elevate everyday life into a gallery show, making you the masterpiece that turns heads and incites compliments.

A small business started in her Fort Worth home, Alana Kay has continued to expand globally, capturing and captivating the attention of creators, collectors, and consumers alike.  

exclusive HSN brand premieres this spring

Alana Kay's latest brand, othrwīs by Alana Kay, is poised to debut on HSN this spring, featuring artwork and designs conceptualized exclusively for HSN shoppers.

can you turn that into art?

Earlier this year, Alana Kay collaborated with REVELxp to create an art adorned commemorative football for Playoff Premium guests attending the College Football Playoff National Championship in Houston, TX.

“Can you turn that into art?” is Alana Kay’s favorite question. From furniture to footballs to multi-piece commercial installations, her creativity and ingenuity flourish when faced with a challenge.

Color Your Mood

After experiencing the restorative power of color in her own life, Alana Kay partnered with a neuroscientist to back her feelings and experiences with brain science. Together they developed a quiz that empowers users to leverage color to influence their mood.

In her badass, polychromatic corner of the world, Alana Kay cultivates a space where individuals can embrace their uniqueness. Boldly. Loudly. Unapologetically. Instilling confidence and empowering every person to embody the formidable, radiant beauty they have always possessed.