Beyond the Canvas

If YOU can dream it, I CAN DO IT

Welcome to my Special Projects page. I am so glad you are here! There are many unusual or out of the box projects that I have been commissioned to do. As a life long creator, projects are my JAM!! Creative freedom in those projects is where the magic happens. Turning creativity into a career has been the single best decision I have ever made in my life. Think back to when you were 10 or 12 years old... Every day or every week something you've never encountered landed in front of you and you had to figure it out. I think the problem I really was struggling with before becoming AlanaKay the artist was that I stopped seeking out projects or situations I had never encountered. Isn't that what most people do? Yes. We get in routines, we get comfortable and everything becomes mundane. This page is a highlight reel to remind me that I can solve any problem, I can continue dreaming, and I do create beautiful things!

The goal and purpose of AlanaKayART is to help you elevate your regular, daily routines through vibrant colors and functional art. Check out some of my most unique projects below. If you start dreaming about an idea let me know! I can help bring your dreams to life 🌈  Email me at

Shoe Art

Sometimes you meet someone and they are a dreamer just like you. Then they dream something up and ask you to do it and you aren't sure why the heck they asked YOU! 😂 This is exactly what happened with my NEW Custom Shoe Art product. And turns out... I am pretty good at it!! Here are a few examples of what I have done. I can upcycle your favorite worn out sneakers but you need to get on my list: RESERVE YOUR SPOT.

custom golden goose sneakers   custom golden goose sneakers spray paint

VIP Container

COMING SOON.... Fort Brewery is a fun, new eatery and live music venue in Fort Worth. They have 4 shipping containers in their main outdoor area that you can rent out as a VIP area for your group. Two of them are decorated and I get to decorate the third one!! The bright yellow one!! My supplies are rolling in and I can't wait to get started. Big reveal coming the end of July 2022!


Wedding Dress


Coffee Table

Ever look around your home, admire your art collection, then meet another amazing artist that you just HAVE TO FIND A PLACE FOR!? I walked into my soon to be client's home to take a look around at a couple of available places on her walls. Her art collection is eclectic, bright, and well done. After going back and forth a bit, she decided she wanted to give her coffee table a fresh look with a custom AlanaKay table top! Voila!! Wall space problem solved ✅ Check out the process of breathing new life into an old coffee table...

Repurposed Art from House Fire

An Instagram follower became an art client, so I visited her home to check out the space she wanted to commission a piece for. It was a beautiful new home, wide open common spaces, and a pretty neutral color palette. We discussed size and determined the piece would hang in their entry. As we chatted more, she told me about a couple of hardships her and her husband had faced in getting to this new, beautiful home. One was that their old home burned a couple years prior to this. They had been long time art collectors, traveling to cities and bringing home art from their travels. She went to retrieve something and when she came back she placed 3 beautiful, mixed media feathers on canvas. She explained that most of their art had been a loss in the fire but they were able to save a few pieces. She was able to cut the feathers from the canvas of one piece! She asked if I could incorporate the feathers into the piece for their entry? See the finished piece below and watch the video of it coming to life here: WATCH VIDEO.

return of the phoenix commission

Captain Casual Collab

When I deliver paintings to a client's home, I check out the other art they have hanging around. A few times I noticed my collectors also had art by Captain Casual, so I started following him. I met him in person and instantly knew that we had to do a collab painting one day... but how could I make this happen!? I decided to just throw the idea out to him randomly and we took off... 

This beauty, Queen of Color, is 60x48" and is for sale. Email me at

National Coloring Day 2019

I have always loved to color in coloring books! I remember doing this for hours as a kid. I learned that there was a National Coloring Day each year and started dreaming up how to create a community event out of this designated day. The Trailhead at Clearfork was the perfect location and they agreed to host us at the weekend farmer's market on the day of National Coloring Day 2019! So many kiddos (and adults) took a turn at adding a color to the massive 60x48" collaborative piece. My very talented artist friend John Worley (@sonavor) built this wood panel and created the black and white drawing for the piece. I did a little resin work underneath the drawing before he transferred it on, then the community colored the piece and I put a final clear coat of resin on top to seal and protect. We need to do this again!!

national color day close up

national coloring day fort worth

Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG)

In the very early days of AlanaKayART, I met a dynamic woman named Erin. She started and runs Brookwood in Georgetown, a job program for adults with special abilities. Next thing I know, they asked me to be their featured collaborative artist for their upcoming annual fundraiser. Each year the citizens work to create art pieces that are sold in their on site shoppe and also put up for silent or live auction at their annual fundraiser. In 2018, I traveled to Georgetown, TX, on a VERY cold week, to pour with some of the citizens at BiG. We created MAGIC! We ended up with 4 - 48x36" pieces that all were put on the live auction block the night of their fundraiser. Those 4 pieces raised over $70,000 collectively!! I will never forget sitting in the room at the auction and hearing the bids rise and go higher and higher... $25,000 for one painting!? My mind was blown and I was so happy to be able to donate my time and talents to this worthy organization.

posing with the citizens of BiG

pouring with the citizens