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Still today, there are barriers for women in any industry, but I have decided to live life as if things are rigged in my favor. I have found myself surrounded by strong, intelligent women – especially when it comes to my business. For that reason, today is the first of many blog posts about these women - how we met, how we lift each other up and how we cheer each other on. As I said in my Voyage Dallas interview “there is a magic in the air for women right now.” Let’s keep it going! To get things started I am going to feature the woman that came into my life and has been uplifting my brand ever since: Betsy Fulmer. You may have seen her in my posts or Instagram stories, but you may not know quite how much she has impacted my business. Remember when I met Erin on a “street corner” at Arts Goggle 2017? Erin is the Founder of BiG, the nonprofit I have been collaborating with all year. You can read more about AlanaKay goes BiG here. After I met Erin, she asked Betsy to call me. Betsy was chairing the BiG Art Auction 2018. When she called, my first thoughts were WHO is this woman? And WHAT could I possibly do to help her? A couple months later Betsy and Erin were all in my studio learning about AlanaKayART resin pouring. Two beautiful relationships developed out of that experiment. One with Erin and BiG, and the other with Betsy. The AlanaKay goes BiG paintings (4 of them) raised close to $70,000 for Brookwood in Georgetown and my trust in Betsy’s belief in me as an Artist was growing. After that, she said, “We need to get you to Vegas!” As crazy as it sounds… I said YES. This is where Betsy was becoming So Betsy, my favorite version of her by the way! ;) The development of So Betsy Art Elevation was coming to life. She has always loved the arts, been involved in the arts, is a classicly trained Artist herself, and has a great eye for art. If you are looking for the perfect piece of art for your home or you are an Artist looking to take your business to the next level, Betsy is the right person to talk to. Through her work and genuine good nature, she continues to help me learn my worth – as all women should try and do for each other. She empowers me to think bigger. She encourages me to try new things – which have involved exploring back alleyways in Downtown Las Vegas and doing aerial workouts in AlanaKayART leggings. No telling what she will get me into next! So now I’d like to thank you, Betsy Fulmer, for being an amazing woman. Thank you for empowering me – and many others – on your journey through life. This doesn’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for you OR describe how proud I am of your accomplishments, but I hope it’s a good start!


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