My Resin Story

The very first piece by AlanaKayART. This is my personal desk. When I poured this first piece I had no idea what was to come. I mixed the resin wrong, so it didn't cure properly and every day when I sit at this desk to communicate with a client or design an #artasfashion piece I am reminded of that soft resin under all of my papers and notebooks. The imperfection does not serve as a terrible reminder but rather a reminder that resin is my match. I am a recovering perfectionist and control freak. You cannot hold that tightly to your resin plans. Does that frustrate me? Sometimes. But I am enjoying the journey that resin is taking me on and I will not try to write the story, I will live out the story. What is truly amazing is that in the last year, I have gone from commissioning work here and there, to creating my new brand of art as fashion. While it started with leggings it has transformed into a concept ranging from home fashion to stunning scarves turned dresses! I don't know what I will create next, or what painting it will be based off of, but I can't wait to find out. So far, Alana Kay Art has taken twists & turns and given me unexpected ideas for new products that have turned into my favorites. My hope is that with whatever product you purchase, you will see the beauty in it throughout your days and it will cause you to be calm in the chaos, energized or inspired.

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