Badass Leggings


Each pair of AlanaKayART leggings are carefully crafted using a design from an original AlanaKay resin painting. A no-holds-barred color palette dares you to step out of everyday blacks and greys and reminds us of all the things color makes us feel — passion, hope, inspiration. Life.


Product Description

When you pull on your leggings, you should feel like the empowered, formidable badass you are — whether your next hour is spent in hot yoga mastering the Eagle pose or navigating the carpool line while managing to not wake up your sleeping toddler. The bold pattern and compression fit is designed to bring out your inner goddess and motivate you to take on your day.


  • High waist, compression fit for slimming look and feel
  • Moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away and leaves skin dry
  • Performance blend Polyester/Spandex fabric
  • Imported


  • Easy to care for EcoPoly Fabrics
  • Machine wash cold

Additional information

Women's Sizes

XS, S, M, L, XL