Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12 and I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in a Mother's Day Gift Guide. These are all gifts I would love to receive (hint hint!), but are also things that I think would make perfect gift for the most special women in our lives -- our moms, mothers-in-law, sisters, aunts, honorary moms -- the tribe of incredible women who have helped build us into who we are. Self-care and goddess empowerment are two themes woven throughout my list. The longer I spend on this motherhood journey, the more I am convinced that these are two of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and our fellow moms.


Flowers are a Mother's Day staple gift and rightly so. Floral arrangements add color, life and joy into any space. For a color fanatic like me, flowers are the perfect classic gift to say "I love you, Mom." Right now, Olive & Cocoa is my go-to for floral arrangements. Not only do they have a great mix of flower types, they also do an incredible job of adding the perfect amount of color and greenery in each arrangement. Photo credit: Olive & Cocoa


Of course I believe AlanaKayART products are the perfect Mother's Day gift. Here's why. The color palettes I choose are designed to empower and inspire. Your Bloom Earrings don't just look fantastic, everything about them is designed to make you feel more happy and confident. Doesn't my mom look great in them? Create your own gift basket with coordinating cocktail glasses and a fashion forward scarf to inspire the goddess within. Order now to receive in time for Mother's Day! Fort Worth fans can use the code "local" for porch pickup. Shop now!

Breakfast in bed is great. A spa day is so much better. Moms tend to nurture and care for everyone around them and neglect themselves. Over time, this can become exhausting. What better gift than a day to recharge and reconnect with themselves? The new Milk & Honey Spa in Fort Worth has been gaining incredible reviews and buzz around town. Treat the mom in your life to one of their Mother's Day special packages. The best part is that even if you wait until the last possible minute, you can still print out your gift certificate in time for Mother's Day. Photo credit: Milk & Honey Spa


Planning a family vacation is exhausting and there is a good chance your mom has planned every one your family has ever taken. Surprise her with a weekend away to reconnect and refresh...alone. Get her out of the city and into the country at Rancho Loma in Talpa, TX to see the stars at night, enjoy incredible food, and finally finish that novel that she's been trying to get through for six months. Photo credit: Rancho Loma


For the foodie mother in your life, treat her to a night enjoying great food she didn't have to cook. Magdalena's Supper Clubs offer just the right blend of good food and intimacy. Each multi-course menu is carefully prepared using the best ingredients and if the weather is fair, she will get to dine outside under the lights overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Sign up for their mailing list to receive dates and menu announcements. Did I mention it's BYOB. Score! Photo credit: Magdalena's


For the fashionista mom in your life, consider getting her something bright and colorful like this hot pink purse from You Are Here Fort Worth. I love the feel of walking into You Are Here. It's an escape, a place to relax and try out different styles. They even do style boxes similar to Stitch Fix with local drop off and pickup for Fort Worth residents. Photo credit: You are Here


A good bottle of wine in a beautiful glass is a fantastic gift. I love a nice bottle of French Rosé. With the summer heat around the corner, I see a lot of Rosé in my future. Pair a bottle of perfectly pink Rosé with your favorite AlanaKayART Cocktail Glass for a luxurious cocktail hour. One hundred extra points if you get someone to take the kids and give her three hours of quiet to enjoy her wine in peace.

I am a believer in the power of color. I see it every day as an artist, a designer and my self-proclaimed role as color evangelist. I have seen color reconnect people to themselves and others, empower women, and inspire joy. CMYK is the abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. Combining those four colors allows us to create any color. Bright, dark, bold, subtle, neutral, neon — all of them. Over the past year, people continue to admire the bold colors and patterns used in AlanaKayART and tell me how great I look, but are concerned that they can’t pull off such vibrant colors. Challenge accepted. The goal of CMYKay is to educate you about color and empower you to incorporate it into your home and wardrobe in both big and small ways. It will challenge you creatively and encourage you to have fun with color in new and re-imagined ways, because friend, life in color is way more fun.

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