Red + Pink is the New Black & White

Vogue said it first, “Pink + Red is the New Black + White.” From Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid to Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift, all the style icons have been spotted wearing a bold combination of pink and red. I think it’s safe to say that these are not just Valentine’s Day colors anymore.

Pink represents unconditional love, compassion, and sensitivity. In psychology, pink is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings.  

Red radiates energy. It evokes passion, confidence, anger, vibrancy, and love; all while remaining the power color of all colors.  

These two colors find themselves on opposite sides of the same color hue. Red is the boldest color of the hue, while pink is the more subdued color. Put them together and you get the entirety of the hue. It's the same concept as combining navy and light blue. But for some reason, people dubbed  red and pink as clashing colors in fashion. Well, except for Valentine's Day - but how predictable is that? You feel a range of emotions from unconditional love to burning anger -- sometimes all within the same three minutes. So go ahead and create an outfit that showcases the same range of feelings that the duo of pale pink and bold red provide! 

These two colors together are an unstoppable duo. They complement each other so well--one calms while the other empowers. They light up a room and help you radiate confidence even if during those moments where you aren't feeling so confident on the inside. 

When pouring my painting "Badass" I wanted the people who saw it to tap into their bold reserves -- to find their inner badass. Bright pink coupled with shades of red to embody this feeling. Not only is Badass a customer favorite, but it also encourages people to be the most confident versions of themselves. 

What was even more badass was the ending to my birthday month last month. One of my dear friends, Liz Diane and I celebrated our birthdays at Magdalenas. In classic fashion, I wore a bright pink dress and Liz wore a bold red dress. Not only did the two outfits pair perfectly together, but we felt like a million bucks and so did everyone around us! 

Next time you are choosing colors, whether it is for your home, outfit, or even your nails, choose intentionally. Be bold. Be badass. Be confident in pink and red. 

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