Leopard is my Favorite Neutral

Leopard print is perfect. THE END.

Need I say more about the greatest print ever invented? Well, maybe just a little.

My love of leopard print started somewhere in my early college years. I remember moving into my first apartment, sharing a room with a lovely blonde who went on to become my Maid of Honor later in life. The theme to our room: Leopard and Zebra prints!!! Her half was Zebra, my half was Leopard and our accent color… turquoise! Should I even tell you guys that we went on to get matching tattoos that year -- hers is Zebra and mine is Leopard. Oh wait, that was a secret my parents didn't know. Guess the cat is out of the bag!

Christian Dior is credited as the first designer to put leopard print, instead of fur, on the runway in 1947. Lucky us!

Leopard sweater and Genesis Leggings

Every single year I wonder, Can I still wear my leopard print stuff? And every year the answer is always yes. In fact, this year leopard print is everywhere.

The best way to think of incorporating leopard print into your wardrobe is to think of it as a neutral. Where you could choose black try swapping in leopard. I know this is kind of a scary thought for people who have never dipped their toes into the mixed print pool, but give it a try! A new boldness, freedom, and tons of compliments await you on the other side.

Badass skirt and leopard shoes

The leopard staples in my closet are blouses, a dress, a skirt, couple types of leopard shoes, a clutch or handbag and a faux fur leopard coat. Unfortunately, we are still a way off from needing our heavy coats here in Texas. 

What's your favorite leopard print fashion staple? 

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  • AlanaKay

    LOVE THIS POST!!! Leopard is my spirit animal =)

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