How to Be Bold With One Simple Color

When you see the red Christian Louboutin sole peep out from a woman’s shoe, how do you feel? Excited? Energetic? Envious? Powerful? 

Christian Louboutin is a man after my own heart. However, the idea of a red sole was born out of pure accident. When he saw a prototype of a shoe inspired by Andy Warhol's 'Flowers,’ Louboutin found the shoe dull and boring. One of his assistants happened to be painting her nails red nearby, so, he grabbed the nail polish, painted the bottom of the drab shoe and now his shoes are recognized world-wide for their show-stopping elegance. 

He wanted to create a shoe that inspired and empowered women. He realized in order to do that, he needed to incorporate COLOR. And what better color than the power color red? Do you know why it wouldn't have been the same with a green or blue? Because red is the queen of power colors. 

Red evokes passion, energy, love, confidence, anger, emotion, lust and vibrancy.


Photo Credit: Home With The Hoovers

Red is a color that lights up a room. When I see someone with a red lip, red stilettos, or a badass red dress, it immediately catches my attention. It's like I can feel the confidence radiating from the wearer. 

Red isn’t just for fashion either. It’s a fabulous way to bring energy and passion into a room. Two of my original pieces, Prosperity and Mayo, both have bold splashes of red throughout the artwork. Prosperity is a part of a triptych I created for a boardroom. Red is part of every painting in this trio, symbolizing war, strength, power, and fire.

Mayo is also part of a triptych, located upstairs at Press Cafe. The goal was to bring the colors of the outdoor spring flowers into the space. This particular red reminded me of the beautiful, vibrant spring flowers one can find outside the space. 


I don't always use red, but when I do, I use it intentionally. Sometimes it is to evoke passion and other times it is to stoke a fire and boost energy. When I am surrounded by this power color, I feel bold and ultimately I am bold. 

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