Date Night Two Ways

Growth - Harmony - Freshness - Fertility

Date nights are my love language. Whether you have been together ten days, ten years or are pushing toward your golden anniversary, making time for each other is a key factor in a healthy relationship. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy any chance we get to leave the house for an evening, whether that means trying out a new restaurant here in Funkytown or attending a concert in Dallas. Of course one of my favorite parts of date night is dressing up for the occasion. Just because you've found the love of your life doesn't mean your date night outfit has to be boring (I'm talking to both the men and women here). Sure, your little black dress is reliable and flattering (okay, that's aimed towards the ladies), but instead of sticking to reliable, I want to challenge you to show off your creativity and dress how you feel. Do you feel monotone and dark when you go on a date with your significant other? I hope not! You feel joy and excitement. Green is a perfect spring date night color because it stimulates feelings of growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Brighter and more vibrant shades of green bring energy to the table, making it an excellent choice for those upbeat, off the beaten path date nights like taking a salsa class, mastering an escape room, or singing a duet of "I got you babe" at a karaoke bar. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these date night looks and start planning.

Did you say drinks at Reata rooftop? Yes please. Pair my AlanaKayART Viridescent Skirt with a dainty silk camisole and some fabulous shoes. Accessorize with your favorite pair of lightweight acrylic earrings, like this brand new Bloom style from AlanaKayART, and add a piece of elegant Mustard Seed Jewelry. Finish your look with an animal print clutch to add just the right amount of the unexpected.

The movement and colors of this Viridescent skirt shout spring. Pair it with a silk camisole for a delicate and ultra-feminine look.

For this look, I chose to match my statement earrings with the same color palette (Viridescent Bloom), but a bright pink contrast would also look fantastic.

Break out your date night shoes for this know those ones you bought last season but never wore because you never had the occasion? Date night is that occasion. These bright pink heels are just the right touch of unexpected.

Accessorize with dainty jewelry like these long drops from Mustard Seed Jewelry. Lastly, don't forget to pair with a fabulous clutch. I am currently loving animal print pairings.


I grew up on a farm in Clifton, TX, so my boots and hat were more necessity that accessory. Now that I'm a city girl, my boots may not be my everyday wear, but the great thing about living in Texas, specifically a city nicknamed Cowtown, is that boots and cowboy hats are always in style. For a more casual date night look, or a date night in the Fort Worth Stockyards, pair my Viridescent Skirt with a white t-shirt and some glitter or fringe boots. Add a pair of statement earrings, I'm wearing AlanaKayART Bloom earrings here, and cap it off with a fashionable Cowboy Hat...pun intended.

A pleated skirt is a great look for dinner, drinks, or dancing. It offers the perfect amount of swoosh and the one I'm wearing has pockets! Yes, pockets!

Statement earrings are an easy way to add a bold pop of color to any look. My Bloom earrings are lightweight acrylic and are all based on original AlanaKayART paintings. Boots...non-negotiable. If you are doing date night in the Stockyards, boots are a must! For a fun twist on the traditional boots, try a pair with glitter or fringe.

Another item on the non-negotiable list for a Stockyards date night is a hat! This gorgeous felt green hat paired perfectly with my outfit, but a tan or black hat would pair just as well.

Now that the hard part is planned for you (your outfit), start planning your date night! Whether you are going out for a romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant or heading to a concert this weekend, I've got you covered with two outfit ideas that are sure to show off the energy and freshness you feel wearing green!

I am a believer in the power of color. I see it every day as an artist, a designer and my self-proclaimed role as color evangelist. I have seen color reconnect people to themselves and others, empower women, and inspire joy. CMYK is the abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. Combining those four colors allows us to create any color. Bright, dark, bold, subtle, neutral, neon — all of them. Over the past year, people continue to admire the bold colors and patterns used in AlanaKayART and tell me how great I look, but are concerned that they can’t pull off such vibrant colors. Challenge accepted. The goal of CMYKay is to educate you about color and empower you to incorporate it into your home and wardrobe in both big and small ways. It will challenge you creatively and encourage you to have fun with color in new and re-imagined ways, because friend, life in color is way more fun.

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