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Easter is this Sunday and the Latiolais household is ready to celebrate in a BIG way. I love this holiday for many reasons. Most importantly, it is a day that celebrates my Savior. That celebration combined with a bright season overflowing with flowers, family, and bright colors makes for one happy woman.

The colors of Easter all have symbolic meaning for the Christian Holiday.

  • Purple -  Associated with the Lenten season; sentiments of penitence, royalty and spiritual wealth.
  • Red  - Symbolizes the blood of Christ; stimulates emotions of unconditional love.
  • White - Symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ; evokes emotions of purity and grace.
  • Green - Symbolizes rebirth and eternal life.
  • Pink - Symbolizes joyful new beginnings and hope.

As a lover of color of all kinds, I wanted to create a vibrant, joyful and bright Easter table for my family to enjoy using many of these colors and more. I also added an Easter Bunny or two! I finished my tablescape with the perfect bright pink cake. Easter is a perfect holiday to mix and match your colors. Variety is key for a vibrant and colorful table.


I started my tablescape by placing my AlanaKayART chargers at each seat. While these are not for sale (yet!) you can use any bright colored charger to start--just be sure to use a variety of colors for your chargers. So much color, so little time!

This was a perfect occasion to use my gold rimmed china dinner plates. Classic china on top of colorful charges creates a beautiful effect. I used Art Pops at each place to add both dimension and color. Although they technically aren't napkins, AlanaKayArt Wild Rags served as my "napkin placeholder" at the top left of each place setting. This brought a lot of color to the table using an item I already had in my home. Gold silverware complimented my gold china plates; however, silver would work equally as well.
CMYKay TIP: Use colorful scarves as napkin placeholders. Provide disposable or plain cloth napkins under each plate. Guests can place the scarves on the back of their chairs when they begin the meal.

AlanaKayART cocktail glasses finished each place setting. Adding colorful glasses allows you to serve beverages such as tea or water for your Holiday meal.

Chargers are a great starting place for any table. While these AlanaKayART chargers are not on sale (yet!), you can use any combination of bright colored chargers as a base for your tablescape.

If you are looking for a reason to pull out your good china, this is it! If you don't have china, grab some inexpensive plain white plates to put on top of your chargers to achieve the same look.

I used ArtPops at each location as a symbolic place card. You could use Easter eggs for the same effect.

CMYKay TIP: Use colorful scarves as napkin placeholders. Provide disposable or plain cloth napkins below each plate. Want this exact look? Shop AlanaKayART Wild Rags.Gold silverware and AlanaKayART cocktail glasses finish each setting. Even when not serving cocktails, I use festive glasses to serve water or tea. 

I wanted to keep the center of the table festive, but not too tall, to ensure easy flow of conversation, so I utilized AlanaKayART cocktail glasses as flower vases and filled them with colorful and bright spring flowers.

A few Easter-themed knickknacks, including an Easter Bunny and a vase filled with dyed eggs, helped complete the theme. Lastly, I finished off my table by tying some AlanaKayART Over-sized scarves on the back of each chair.

What better way to end a great Easter meal with family and friends than with the brightest possible pink cake. Not only does it add color and vibrancy to your table, it also serves as the perfect centerpiece. If you missed last week's CMYKay blog on how to make my "Pretty in Pink Cake" read and download the recipe here.

If you're looking to re-create my AlanaKayART Easter tablescape, but you don't have the products laying around, don't worry! You can order them online through the links above or, if you are local to the DFW area, email me for local pickup. Here's to wishing a very happy, healthy and blessed Easter from my family to yours!


I am a believer in the power of color. I see it every day as an artist, a designer and my self-proclaimed role as color evangelist. I have seen color reconnect people to themselves and others, empower women, and inspire joy. CMYK is the abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. Combining those four colors allows us to create any color. Bright, dark, bold, subtle, neutral, neon — all of them. Over the past year, people continue to admire the bold colors and patterns used in AlanaKayART and tell me how great I look, but are concerned that they can’t pull off such vibrant colors. Challenge accepted. The goal of CMYKay is to educate you about color and empower you to incorporate it into your home and wardrobe in both big and small ways. It will challenge you creatively and encourage you to have fun with color in new and re-imagined ways, because friend, life in color is way more fun.

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