Why written notes are underrated

Have you ever received a letter in the mail that just warmed your heart? They are typically baby announcements, wedding invitations or the favorite Christmas cards, but when was the last time you received a written note from a friend or family member? In an age where we can send quick text messages or comment on a Facebook post, why would we send letters anyway, right? Wrong! Think of the unexpected smile that a handwritten letter could offer. I know it's more work than a text – you need a stamp, something to write on, an envelope – but you don't need to write a novel to make someone's day. Why sending a letter can be so much more fun: Stationery can be so beautiful These notes can be like sending a piece of art with a sweet message inside! We have all walked by the stationery aisle in Target or Anthropologie and thought, "ooh look at this one with the pretty floral print," so consider this your excuse to finally use those pretty pieces of paper. We could all use a pick-me-up If you know someone is having a hard time or even just a bland time, that person would probably love a letter with a sweet message or funny inside joke scrawled inside. Receiving something so personal makes a person feel special and valued; even though they were probably already valued, seeing it in writing adds a great touch. Check out my Stationery Pinterest board for a few ideas. It's so tangible Writing on someone's LinkedIn account "Congratulations on the new job!" is very kind and appreciated, don't get me wrong, but writing it down and letting the person hold the congratulations in their hand is unbeatable. The people in your life work so hard, as do you, and being able to recognize that in them can be so meaningful, like "hang it up on the fridge" worthy. We may not get gold stars anymore, but a letter saying "congratulations" can be the new gold star we get excited about! Which AlanaKayART designs would you love to see as stationery? Let me know in the comments.

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