Summer Changes

Summertime is the ideal time to get your home looking its best! Whether you entertain more this time of year – for barbeques-turned-homemade-happy-hour – or your preparing for Fall football-watching-season, it might be time to finally cross off some of your home décor needs.
We all have a list – some bigger than others – of spaces in our homes that we just aren’t fully happy with yet. It may just be a corner in your living room that just doesn’t flow with the rest of the space, or maybe it’s your kitchen that melts right into the adjoining living room like you’ve always dreamed. These lists may be written down or always at the back of your mind, but isn’t it time we cross one or two of our troubled spaces off the list?
For me, it was my dining room. I have been using it as an “Alana Kay Art Storage Space” for a while, but while I love looking at my #artasfashion every day, I missed being able to host dinner parties there. So I said “no more” and cleared it all away. My office may be a little more crowded, but I am beyond pleased with the space that came out of it. Once everything was cleared away I even realized it was the perfect spot for a 3-panel piece I had done!
So that being said, here are my tips for touching up your space and making it finally fit what you’ve been wanting:
Clear it out and see what you have
Is the space beneath the current décor something you don’t remember? Should it be utilized in a different way? Maybe you too have a new piece of décor – a commissioned Alana Kay Art piece perhaps ? – that would work perfectly there now! You’ll never know if you don’t look.
Start with what you already have
Sometimes the problem with one room is that there is something there that should be in a different room. If you start by re-evaluating your home as a whole you might realize that you don’t want your bar cart in the kitchen, you want it in the dining room! And when you move it you might realize that the serving tray in the living room would work perfectly on the bar cart to house your liquors away from your small cups or accessories.
Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns
Here at Alana Kay Art, we thrive in mixing colors and patterns in unique ways. It can be so much fun to play around with it and see what works for you! Maybe pair a floral with one of the poured resin paintings or serving trays? Maybe you just need some Art Pops on your end tables that “go” but don’t necessarily match your couch or accent chair! Just ask yourself: what colors am I missing here? What needs to be replaced?
Start new!
If you’re totally tired of what you have and can’t even imagine how to “fix” it, scrap the decor and start fresh! The bones of your space are probably still salvageable – I mean you bought that comfy couch for a reason – but maybe you forgot how great it was because it’s hiding beneath throw pillows, blankets, and a color scheme in general that just doesn’t fit in your home anymore. Luckily, it’s a lot more fun to buy cute pieces of décor than invest in a new couch.
So why not get started now? It takes one inspirational piece of décor to inspire a room that feels brand new!


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