Style Duplicated 💕

Y'all!!!! I have met some of the most amazing influencers through the AlanaKayART process. People that genuinely like my stuff AND me. If they are local we have become friends that happy hour, go to events, travel together, all the stuff. What I love most is that they care about my brand succeeding and do anything they can to help me push it forward. To ALL OF YOU, and you know who you are, I am grateful for you. ❤️

Style Duplicated. Have you heard of them? Well, now you have!! Paige and Jeni are besties that do everything together, including build them dream homes at the same time. This could be seen as somewhat strange? But once you get to know them it makes total sense. 😀 Anyway, I recently did a huge and AMAZING painting for Paige's new home. It is truly a showstopper. We have lots of fun things in the works on collab ideas for the future so stay tuned for that! In the mean time, you can read what they love about AlanaKayART on their blog, You can also follow their CRAZY SHENANIGANS on Instagram @styleduplicated. Look for the confessions revealed thing they do periodically. OMG. 

Thanks for the SHOUT 📣 and all the love!! Looking forward to all the fun things we have planned for after this terrible Corona Virus 🦠....... siiiiiiiiigh.

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