Fort Worth Bleeds Purple

Living near the TCU campus, I see purple everywhere! It is on billboards, storefronts, and in the clothing; this town just bleeds purple, especially in the Fall when students start to move back in and football season begins. While I didn’t go to TCU, I have to admit that purple is a fun color to use; it can be bright, light, pastel or dark and even better, it’s a fun way to be a part of the community. Have you ever driven near the campus during move in or a game day? This time of year the baseball traffic and excitement is what I notice most and it is just so much fun! Everyone comes out in their purple and is preparing themselves to sit in this crazy Texas heat to watch their team play. Some girls dress up in their cowboy boots, but for the baseball games, I notice a lot more casual dress. I wish I could just throw out my purple leggings in between innings and say “here you go! These are SO much more comfortable than jeans!” Since I love the color purple and love the excitement of it all, I made two purple pairs of leggings. One is called “Fashionista,” in honor of the royal hue and the other is the “Purple Frog.” My hope is that these will be perfect for any TCU fan, even the young fans can wear them with our youth sized leggings Most everyone in the area either went to TCU or knows someone that did and we made our TCU line with that in mind! Whether you know a recent grad or a long- time die-hard fan we put their favorite color into home décor these frogs will just love! Recent grads will likely be excitedly scrambling to furnish their first apartment or home away from campus and our art pops (used as coasters or fun decorations) and serving trays will help them decorate their space in a put together yet homey way! Both offer great quality and the luxury of art but also the colors of the school they called home for 4 years! And you can’t forget about the die-hard frog fans that just want purple no matter what the occasion, they would love these gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarmings of their own!   With Purple Fridays during football season and memorabilia in every store, I can’t help but be inspired by the love for TCU that I see every day. The University next door is more than a place to find really great babysitters, it’s a place that radiates school spirit and excitement throughout the entire city.

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