Fancy Friday Fun Facts

My first Fancy Friday Instagram LIVE event was one week ago and a huge success!! What is Fancy Friday you may be asking? It is a reason for us to get out of our lounge wear during quarantine and utilize our closets and makeup bags and blow driers to look a little extra "fancy" at home. I remembered back to having a new born baby, at home all the time, wearing mostly black or grey and never really fixing myself up. After a few months of this I was in a bad headspace and I DO NOT want that to happen during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last week, I brought on a few guests, as I will do every week. I follow these ladies and am friends with them but I learned NEW things from them! Why were they withholding this wisdom?? Check out what we learned below. Make sure and tune into to Instagram LIVE every Friday at 4pm Central time. OH! And if you get dressed up, post a picture and tag @alanakayart, you'll be in the running for the giveaways I am giving each week!! Good luck! And get FANCY! (Fancy is defined loosely. Ex: You have refused to blow dry your hair or put on mascara for 5 weeks. Fancy Friday is the perfect reason to remember how!)


Tips from Liz Nelson of Liz Diane Productions and Nurse Injector extraordinaire:

Favorite place to inject Filler?

"MID FACE. Because it lefts the entire lower face, bringing up sagging cheeks and creating a youthful shape to your face. Instant gratification!"


Tips from Halley Hammer of House of Tesla Hair and Makeup:

Let's talk LASHES Halley. Everyone's lash extension have fallen off. HELP!!

"I am working on my own House of Tesla strip lashes (my very excited face!) but they are still in production and not quite ready to sell. BUT I am a huge Ardell lash fan and you can get those at any drug store, grocery store or on" 

Yes, the strip lashes are great, HOWEVER I always end up ruining the eye makeup I JUST did by getting lash glue in all the places it isn't supposed to do. TIPS?

"First make sure you measure the lashes on your eye and cut away any excess from the outer corner of the lashes. Then apply a very thin layer of the glue and let it dry a bit so it gets tacky."

Oh, yes, you taught me that! I put it on there then blow on it.

"NO! You did NOT learn that from me!! Do NOT blow on your lashes. Any germs from your mouth will end up on the glue (my oops face). And don't let any makeup artist apply a strip lash to your eye that they have blown on."

Tips from Paige Walker of Style Duplicated:

Paige, you're a TikTok PRO! I recently attempted a very involved one myself, it has gotten like 32 views.... sigh. What am I doing wrong?

"WHAT!? That is a super cute TikTok. (me showing my, THANK YOU face) Well, you have to actually put some text onto the video like Mommin to Fancy or Quarantine Life. Then you put text in the description that would get people's attention and let them know what it is. Then you put hashtags like #fyp #quantinelife #fancyfriday. There are lots of trending hashtags on TikTok that you can search."



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