Dreaming of the Beach

If you have seen some of my last couple paintings you’ll know I love a beach vacation. It is so refreshing and inspiring to sit and see the waves crash. On my last trip to the beach, I was unwinding after a whirlwind business trip in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach did me wonders; it’s amazing how quiet time and reflection can help make things seem so clear. The trip also inspired a painting of its own and helped me understand just how much I accomplished in 3 days. That’s what all great beach vacations are ideal for right? They let us escape from the craziness that is everyday life.   This year I let my desire for sun and sand come out in the fashion I created out of my original paintings.  As I dreamed of my own beach vacation of sipping cocktails by the water overlooking the setting sun, I knew I wanted my art present; my art feels so vibrant to me that I want it present in day to day life. Vacations are no exception. I thought: it’d be perfect with a bathing suit, but would also be a stunning dress if you did it the right way. So why not have both? The scarf I designed is perfect for just that, it can be skirt, scarf or dress and that’swhat I wanted to be wearing as I walked on and off the sand. I think it would work well for other women trying to unwind at the ocean, too. I imagine a family at the beach and the kids are having a great time splashing around while the mom sunbaths; the scarf would be the perfect cover up for when the kids decide it’s ice cream time and she doesn’t want to slip out of her suit just yet or when she decides to walk along the water’s edge.   However, for those rainy afternoons when rain moves in and the wind starts to pick up, the Alana Kay skirts might be more practical. Since it’s a midi skirt with lining, it’ll keep you a little warmer against the sandy wind. It’s still easy to throw on over a bathing suit if you just need to run to the store really fast or are down by the water, but I prefer it for those dinners out. It’s perfect for when you overdo it a little in the sun and your legs are a bit pink – not burnt obviously, but pink. Pants and shorts would rub, but the skirt is flowy enough to fit the beach vibe, but also keep your legs comfortably free. It’s classy enough to work for a nice dinner out, especially if paired with strappy heels, which is a must for those extra special vacation dates.   Whether you’re off to a remote island, Florida or California, I hope that you enjoy that lovely night out andthe quiet time by the water. Let the water rush over your feet and remind you of the organic flow of colors expressed in my paintings and fashion. More than anything, let the experience refresh you and give you the relaxation you need.

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