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It’s not every day that you get to work with amazing people and connect your work with the community. I think that’s part of why March was such an exciting time for me and Alana Kay Art; the success of the BiG Art Auction still blows me away. Don’t remember what I’m talking about? Check out the blog about our first collaboration project here. Well, if you haven’t noticed the collaboration isn’t done yet! I’m excited to share with you the first BiG inspired collection: the Celeste Collection. You may remember this painting from the auction; the citizens of this amazing community worked with me in my studio and we created this amazing piece and the colors and movement still give me chills. Like many of the other pieces I’ve worked with, I couldn’t stand to let the piece be sold and never seen again by me or the Brookwood in Georgetown citizens, so we just had to turn their art into fashion! You can’t let a good thing go. On my website, you’ll find Celeste skirts, scarves, pillows and leggings ready to sell and the best part is that we will give 20% of the proceeds back to BiG. That’s what is so amazing about this project, the products are more than leggings, skirts etc. The products are representations of these citizens hard work to change the image that society has tried to create for them. The funds we raised at the event were amazing and hopefully will result in amazing things for the community, but what I love about our continued work together is that the giving doesn’t have to stop at the auction AND we can create something so meaningful. For example, meet Kylie. She is a citizen at Brookwood in Georgetown that worked with me on the Celeste piece; Kylie is so proud – as she should be - of what she created and of the impact it can have on her community. Prints with a story or with a meaningful past are hard to come by – especially when most are digitally created – and that is part of what makes #artasfashion so worthwhile. If you’re able to drive to Georgetown, you’re also able to purchase these products in the BiG Shop and see their community! They have so many great products created by the citizens including the Celeste collection items: serving tray, leggings, skirt, stationary, and scarves. While you’re there you could sample something from their café or learn more about their mission; it is amazing to see how they are trying to change the world’s view of adults with special abilities. I don’t have to tell you how talented these people are, you can see it for yourself in their beautiful artwork and other products at Brookwood in Georgetown. On top of our Celeste Collection, the store now has two commissioned pieces, one is called Morning Glory and the other is Glide. These were created more recently in a makeshift studio at Brookwood in Georgetown with the citizens and all of the proceeds of these paintings will go right back to the @brookwood_in_georgetown community! There is so much to say about this community and our work together that is just hard to put into words. They have been such an amazing part of my life and work recently and I can’t wait to share what we have in store next!

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