A Change of Scenery

Every time I create a new painting I am literally pouring out my feelings, experiences, and thoughts in that moment onto the canvas. Current events definitely effect the end result, as does my client's desires for the painting, how the colors interact with one another and even the temperature or humidity outside that day.

I am still not in a headspace to paint just yet. I feel like I have been in FULL ON PREPARE mode. Get all the groceries to cook the meals I can place in the freezer. Do we have enough booze? Do I have all of the necessary prescriptions? Etc. I am sure you are feeling that too. Yet at the same time, I am watching my husband try to figure out how to work from home. Something he has never done before but I am a PRO at doing! 

The first 3 days he moved the spot he worked from 3 or 4 times! HA. I get it, I did the same thing at first and still sometimes get a wild hair and move around to get a different view for the day. But it got me thinking... Does everyone have a view that they really want to look at while they are working in their new space from home? Some might but my guess is, many do not. But you probably didn't have a super view staring at the cubicle across from you either! I AM HERE TO HELP you brighten up your new workspace!!

Below are some paintings that I have uploaded here for you to download and use as your screensaver, wallpaper for your computer or any other device you're working from. It is completely FREE. Just right click on the artwork and download it to your device.

Take a minute to read through my thoughts on each paintings and select the one that resonates with you the most. Also, I would LOVE if you would take a pic of your new wallpaper or screensaver and post it on your social and tag AlanaKayART on Instagram or Facebook. It would bring me joy to know that you were loving these paintings!! CHEERS to productivity and getting lost in the movement of this art every now and then too. 🥂

Escaping the Storm

This will forever be the one that got away. I will never forget the day I did this painting. I did not yet have an indoor studio so I will still painting outside in the 100 degree Texas heat. I was still so new as a resin artist and was completely frustrated when I was done pouring. I walked in the door and told my husband, "I HATE IT." A few hours later I got a wild hair to try and work with the gold leaf I had purchased. My thought was, I can't mess it up at this point, so experiment! The next day I propped it up and stared at it for a while and I was like... WOW, I actually really like this. I posted it for sale at a very low price (because I did not know how to price myself to actually make money back then) and no one bought it. And now, it is the one painting I will never sell.

In this painting is a strong presence literally bursting free from the storm. You can make out the side profile of her face. Leaving behind the darkness and chaos and moving toward bight more enlightening spaces. I don't know about you, but I am definitely feeling the need to escape the storm right now.

AlanaKayART Escaping the Storm Wallpaper


Ride the Wave

This painting was painted the weekend that Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast. It just so happened my client wanted waves, ocean, water, type vibe for this piece. There is definitely a sense of stormy waters and large waves. Every time I stare at this piece it is a reminder to be more fluid, be present, feel the movement but don't necessarily fight it. 

AlanaKayART Ride the Wave Wallpaper


Happy Dance

The colors are vibrant and contrasting. The white circle reminds me to spin and dance amidst the chaos. The way the colors interact with one another in some of the smaller more detailed places really does make my heart do a little happy dance.


Every relationship requires the yin to their yang. I stopped pouring on this piece when a man's face emerged and the back of a woman wearing a sunhat nuzzling into that man's face popped out at me. The contrast of the hot pink and the ultramarine blue remind me of that yin and yang.

AlanaKayART Counterbalance Wallpaper


  • Robin Barrett Self

    Love your color! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your next one.

  • Emily Pickell

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful artwork and the stories behind each one! Your gift of beauty is just what I needed today!

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