Art Turned Fashion

Alana Kay Art is my two-fold brand. On one side we have the luxury commissioned resin artwork; these one-of-a-kind pieces bring exclusive beauty and personality into homes and offices. But what is unique about my brand is that I saw the unassuming opportunity to bring the emotions you feel when you day dream while looking at one of my paintings into your daily life. When I see a piece of art I LOVE, something changes in my heart. The art takes me to another place, surfaces a fond memory, brings a familiar smell or sound into my space, and I can easily lose myself in the artwork. I remember the moment I thought, "I can put this piece of art onto a pair of leggings!" It was like a lightbulb went off.

"Art as Fashion has the ability to transport those who wear it to their happy place throughout their day even in the most mundane tasks of life."

I love Art as Fashion because art can be expensive. An original piece of art can easily be thousands of dollars and not everyone is in a place to be able to afford that every day of the week. But if that same art can be designed and worn as fashion, well then you can give the customer the same feeling they felt when they saw the original work. And BONUS it will be with them during their workout, at their doctor's appointment, the office, or at home with them when they are unwinding. Have you ever walked through an art gallery, a botanical garden, or any other place of pure beauty? That special feeling of being encapsulated in color and movement is what I want to bring to people's daily routine. My hope is that you put on a pair of Alana Kay leggings (or skirt, scarf, dress) and while you're flustered at the grocery store or at the gym wanting to quit you look down at the bright energetic leggings and breathe. You take in the colors you specifically put together for your happiness and you tell yourself "it's ok. I can do this." With our newly launched Cha Cha handbag I hope to put a spring to your step. There is nothing better than grabbing that favorite statement piece as you head out the door. The next time you pick up the kids from school, head to the dentist office, or go out for a much-needed drink with friends, I hope having a bag like this on your arm will make you feel lighter somehow. Perhaps do a little Happy Dance yourself? The Art as Fashion concept allows me to make the little parts of your day more enjoyable!


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