AlanaKayART During COVID-19

Hello AlanaKayART Enthusiast!

My family and I have adopted a strict social distancing plan amid the corona virus outbreak and plan to do so as long as it takes. I have been struggling with what to even say at this time and honestly, I still don't know how to say what I am really thinking and feeling. So here is what I will say...

My goal for AlanaKayART during this scary outbreak is to remain afloat. That is it. I don't need to stop, I don't need to flourish, I simply need to remain a small business. I came into this that way and want to come out on the other side of this the same way. I want to remain healthy and alive so that I can run, operate and grow AlanaKayART on the other side of this scary time. 

You can expect continued online operations. I will be the one packing and shipping your orders and I am not leaving my house during this time, so you can feel safe receiving packages from me. I already had my neighborhood postal worker used to picking up deliveries right from my porch. Outbreak preparedness that I didn't even know I was doing. #blessing

You can expect continued product manufacturing and development in the background. My manufacturers have all been hit very hard with the virus outbreak as well. Many of them are just now getting up and running at work. Because of this, many things I had on order have not been made yet or have not shipped yet. This means some items on will be a pre sell situation or just out of stock until further notice. I am still moving forward with some new designs but those can only be moved forward through the pipeline as I have revenue to pay and ship those goods. I am also working on new, never before seen, designs for Fall. Which may sound crazy, but you guys WE WILL get through this and will want and need to get back to some normalcy later this year. I want to be ready for that. For myself, my business and for you.

You can expect ART. That is where the entire concept for my brand starts anyway. I am letting my brain slow down, get out of panic mode and into day dreaming mode. I know that it will and I know that in that place creative magic will happen! I am offering 25% off of all original artwork right now!! I never put my art on sale but I need to generate revenue and I need to generate work for myself while I am stuck at home. This art sale is good on any artwork currently in stock AND also on any commissions you want to get started. I can work on creating something beautiful for your space from afar. Clients send me pictures of colors, paintings they like, vacation memories, and the like all the time which doesn't require me to set foot in your home or office space. Video chats can be helpful too as I work to create the perfect painting just for you. Email me directly for art inquiries here

You can expect research and study of COLOR. I love color! And have deemed myself a Color Evangelist, which is an actual thing. "Someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm." In my case, it's COLOR! Anyway, I plan to dive into certain colors, read about them, research them, maybe even create story boards. Then share what I have learned with all of you. Stay tuned.

I didn't want to bombard my small army of followers with my COVID-19 action plan because I know you're getting 14 of those per day from anyone you've ever shopped with. BUT I do feel the need to communicate honestly with where I currently am and where I plan to go. I hope you will remain an ENTHUSIAST during this time! Tune into social media for colorful posts to brighten your days. At some point I am sure I will get back to sharing videos of the happenings around my house but I am not really there yet. Thank you for your continued support! I would not be here without all of you. STAY HOME, stay healthy, and stay COLORFUL!!



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  • Bob Scully

    Hi Alana, please send me your email address and I’ll send you some beautiful photos of your artwork in our home! Makes me smile every time I see it. 😍
    Stay well, Bob

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