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AlanaKayART Goes Country ~ The story behind Wild Rags

By | Art as Fashion, Artist Story, Trends, Wild Rags

Alana with sheepI am a born and raised Texas country girl. I know, this fashion loving, gluten free, yogi doesn’t seem like someone who grew up picking rocks, showing sheep, and chasing coyotes away from the family flock. But underneath this designer exterior is grit built on 86 acres outside of Clifton, TX.

I shared my plot of land with hundreds of sheep, 50 cats, stray dogs, a handful of rabbits and pigs, a couple of (pre-yoga) goats, a llama, and a real live ass that wandered our way — the animal kind. I spent my days romping with the animals, swimming in the giant corn silos with my brother, and stomping through the creek with bacon on a string catching crawdads.

My dad was the brains and the muscle behind the operation. His whole life is a story of wide open skies and God’s

Alana and Tom Duke Conversationcreatures. He can build a damn good fence and engineer miles of winding shoots and corral systems to get your animals where you need them to go. He also has a knack for breeding impressive Suffolk Sheep, so much so that he had his own brand back in the day — Duke Suffolks.

Like a lot of teenagers, I became bored with everything that surrounded me, which in my case was the country. I was obsessed with all things city. My small town was miles away from the places and the things I wanted to be, but I continually dreamed of trading my life in the country for the concrete jungle.  

As so it went. I left for college, moved to the city, got married and pursued my dream of art and fashion design, and Alana and Tom Duke standingmy dad downsized the farm and became a cowboy. It seemed as if our paths might be drifting apart. But that’s the thing about pathways. Sometimes just when it seems like they are diverging, they cross.

My dad has never been one to care much for fashion, but once he started spending his free time as a cowboy, his closet was filled with vests, hats, bolos, scarves, belts, jeans, overalls, and boots. So many boots. Then one Christmas, his list included Wild Rags. What the heck was a Wild Rag!? As always, Google came to my rescue, making sure they were under the tree for him come Christmas morning. He got a lot of use out of them, as I’ve come to find out that most cowboys and cowgirls do. If you who are like me and have no idea what they are, I will save you a Google search. A Wild Rag is a scarf that cowboys use for everything from warmth to first aid and calming horses. They are usually silk and square.

The first time my dad saw the over-sized scarves I designed, his wheels began to spin. He started asking around on Alana and Tom Duke hugtrail rides and the rodeo circuit to find out what other people thought about putting my art on a Wild Rag. After getting plenty of positive feedback, we revealed AlanaKayART Wild Rags at the Cheyenne Rodeo. You can see the cowboys and cowgirls below wearing my Wild Rags. My favorite model, of course, is my daddy, Tom Duke, the inspiration behind this project.

Life is funny. I have been running from the country since I graduated high school. But when a place shapes you for nearly 20 years, you really never lose it. The country made me tough, taught me how to keep things alive, ingrained the value of hard work and determination into my soul, and taught me how to dream.  

Every Wild Rag you wear is a piece of one of my dreams.  I hope that they inspire you and make you feel as bold as the colors they hold.

Cheyenne Rodeo Wild Rags

Summer Changes

By | Home and Interior
Summertime is the ideal time to get your home looking its best! Whether you entertain more this time of year – for barbeques-turned-homemade-happy-hour – or your preparing for Fall football-watching-season, it might be time to finally cross off some of your home décor needs.
We all have a list – some bigger than others – of spaces in our homes that we just aren’t fully happy with yet. It may just be a corner in your living room that just doesn’t flow with the rest of the space, or maybe it’s your kitchen that melts right into the adjoining living room like you’ve always dreamed. These lists may be written down or always at the back of your mind, but isn’t it time we cross one or two of our troubled spaces off the list?
For me, it was my dining room. I have been using it as an “Alana Kay Art Storage Space” for a while, but while I love looking at my #artasfashion every day, I missed being able to host dinner parties there. So I said “no more” and cleared it all away. My office may be a little more crowded, but I am beyond pleased with the space that came out of it. Once everything was cleared away I even realized it was the perfect spot for a 3-panel piece I had done!
So that being said, here are my tips for touching up your space and making it finally fit what you’ve been wanting:
Clear it out and see what you have
Is the space beneath the current décor something you don’t remember? Should it be utilized in a different way? Maybe you too have a new piece of décor – a commissioned Alana Kay Art piece perhaps 😉 – that would work perfectly there now! You’ll never know if you don’t look.
Start with what you already have
Sometimes the problem with one room is that there is something there that should be in a different room. If you start by re-evaluating your home as a whole you might realize that you don’t want your bar cart in the kitchen, you want it in the dining room! And when you move it you might realize that the serving tray in the living room would work perfectly on the bar cart to house your liquors away from your small cups or accessories.
Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns
Here at Alana Kay Art, we thrive in mixing colors and patterns in unique ways. It can be so much fun to play around with it and see what works for you! Maybe pair a floral with one of the poured resin paintings or serving trays? Maybe you just need some Art Pops on your end tables that “go” but don’t necessarily match your couch or accent chair! Just ask yourself: what colors am I missing here? What needs to be replaced?
Start new!
If you’re totally tired of what you have and can’t even imagine how to “fix” it, scrap the decor and start fresh! The bones of your space are probably still salvageable – I mean you bought that comfy couch for a reason – but maybe you forgot how great it was because it’s hiding beneath throw pillows, blankets, and a color scheme in general that just doesn’t fit in your home anymore. Luckily, it’s a lot more fun to buy cute pieces of décor than invest in a new couch.
So why not get started now? It takes one inspirational piece of décor to inspire a room that feels brand new!

AlanaKayART Turns ONE!

By | Artist Story


Here I am… ONE YEAR into building a brand. I have had so many people ask me how this started? It started with a vision, an idea, something I have about 422 times per day. But on July 15th 2017, I picked an idea that I could execute in a relatively small amount of time. I threw some cash at all of the products, which my husband rolled his eyes at because in his mind he was thinking… “Here she goes again.” But he was helpful that day, as usual, and I was able to create a one-of-a-kind desk that I still work from today! But this idea didn’t start as “I want to build a brand!” It just started as something I wanted to do for me.

Last July can only be explained as a Creative Awakening. I did a Paint & Pour type class on our family vacation. We painted a small boat on a lake with some trees and I think it was at night, so the colors were dark. It really wasn’t my type of art, I do not like to make things look “real.” After that I came home and had the desk idea, executed that and put the process on Facebook. You guys LOVED it! And asked if I could put it on canvas? I wasn’t sure but I did have some canvases laying around so I used my extra product (lets be real, bought additional product!) and did my first 3 paintings. I painted in the 100 degree Texas temps, outside, under my gazebo with the mosquito nets closed to try and keep out as many bugs and as much debris as possible. The first 3 paintings were: Badass, Warrior, and Escaping the Storm. Remember those? Badass was my first “commission” but my friend Caytie gave me no direction, just said paint me something. SWEET! At the end of July, I did an Abstract Painting workshop put on by Laura Mayberry. She is a fellow Fort Worth Abstract Artist. I LOVE her work! That night was more fuel on the fire that was my creative awakening in the making.

Social media is a magical tool because I posted the paintings, you guys loved them, and a friend of a friend found me.

“You’re an artist? I am looking for a few abstracts like the ones in your photos.”

WOAH, am I an Artist??

“Yes! Taking orders for custom pieces currently.”

WHAT DID I JUST SAY!!?? I don’t know what I’m doing… But it’s fun!! And I can totally do this.

And just like that, I had my first GIANT commission. 48×72″ Ride the Wave. This client has turned into a friend and is my most creative client who gives me the most challenging projects to figure out. Like that one time I had to plank to reach the middle of one of the paintings I was pouring for him. (Thank you The Pilates Concept for making me strong!)

Want to book a commission with me? CLICK HERE

Around this time I also decided to say yes to my first art fair, Arts Goggle. I remember reaching out to an artist friend after signing up for this and said, “How many pieces do you think I will need for this?” She responded with something crazy like 100 and I was like… ummmmmm… what have I gotten my self into now!? I decided to just do as much as I could and figure it out.

Arts Goggle turned out to be a Divine Appointment. This is the day and place that my relationship with Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG) began. There in front of Craftwork Coffee I met Erin Kiltz, the Founder of BiG. (PS. Her son owns Craftwork!) My conversation with Erin led to inviting her and 2 other team members into my studio and then they invited me to be the Featured Collaborative Artist for the Art Auction. WHAT!?

This was where I was like… huh?… I am certain there are many many other artists out there that would be more qualified? Anyway, I said YES! And then spent two days pouring with the Citizens at BiG. You can learn more about our work together here. The paintings we created together raised almost $70,000 in their live auction!! I just could NOT believe it. I had an out of body experience that night as the numbers climbed higher and higher. But then I remembered the Divine Appointment with Erin in front of Craftwork. It was part of the plan. Not my plan, but God’s plan.

Photo by Anna Kraft Photography

The Fall of 2017 was a time of fast and furious work. My friend Jaime was so intrigued with each painting and the process, she was often in my studio dreaming up colors and on a mission to figure out how to turn the drips from my paintings into something worth keeping. Through those conversations the Art Pop was born! I catch the drips from my work in silicone molds. No two Art Pops are alike which is super fun! You can use them as coasters, desk art, paper weights… really anything you could dream up. I sold over 100 Art Pops before Christmas last year and I didn’t start making them until mid October. WOWZA! Make sure and order your Art Pops if you are longing for some. The gift giving season will be here before you know it.

I absolutely LOVE every single painting I ever do. I know, I know, you do too. 😉 So I was a little sad when it was time to give them to the client. Happy for a pay day but I put my soul and energy into each one so it is a piece of me that walks out the door. A light bulb went off last Fall and I dreamed up putting my art onto clothing. My passion is fashion so why not Art as Fashion!? The first product I was able to produce continues to be my best seller, leggings. I have been doing Pilates and Yoga 3-5 times per week for the last 2 years now and I was really tired of black leggings. BORING. Give me some inspiration! Some motivation! A reason to WANT to get up and workout!! Bright, colorful leggings will definitely do the trick. In fact, don’t just take my word for it, check out what Dorrie from the Senior Style Bible thinks. She is an 80 something yr old former Playboy Bunny who is also tired of the lame choices women her age have for fashion. Doesn’t she look FAB in AlanaKayART leggings!?

Photo by Creative Collab Las Vegas

Because I have 422 ideas or more per day, my brain just kept moving and dreaming. Which led me to other clothing items and searching for manufacturers. I sampled 12 different items from 10 different manufacturers and finally launched additional products that include a skirt, a scarf, and acrylic trays. Today there are more items in the works and I have to say, product development really fuels my soul. It makes me feel like a kid to dream up fun shapes, color combinations, and finished products.

Photo by Creative Collab Las Vegas



30 large paintings

Dozens of smaller paintings

Hundreds of Art Pops

20 styles of leggings

3 skirts

3 scarves

2 tables

7 collaboration paintings with BiG

4 donated large paintings

Spread my wings to Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, NYC, LA, Monaco

1 pour experience (you can book one!)

Countless sampled products not yet in production

Soon to begin the friends and family funding stage


A few people have reminded me recently of all that I have accomplished in one year. When you are living it, setting goals, and working it each day it is hard to see all that you have actually accomplished. But I do see it. And I am proud of it! The goal setter inside of me knows I am no where near where I want to be but if the first year is any indication of what is to come, thank goodness I renewed my passport. The AlanaKayART brand has taken me places I only dreamed of going before. People call me a Designer, a Fashion Designer. How freaking cool is that!? For you, maybe not that cool but for the little girl that made a dress out of a crocheted blanket and some hair bows it is amazing!

That’s ME! 7 or 8 yrs old =)


I am so excited to see what year two holds for AlanaKayART!! I fully accept that this was all in God’s plan all along. I would not have been ready for this without experiencing some other things in life first. I would not have had the time to really give it my all or want to give it my all if some really sad events had not changed my availability. I remember so many conversations with friends where I was feeling so antsy, so bored, like I should be accomplishing more. I really believed I was put on this earth for more so why wasn’t I doing more? I gave into His timing not my own and the next thing I know I was saying YES to crazy things I could have never dreamed up on my own!

CHEERS to AlanaKayART!! And a huge THANK YOU for all of you who continue to buy products, book commissions, send encouraging notes, and share my social media. You really are the fuel, my fuel. I cannot and will not ever do this on my own. I realize that I am where I am today because of other people. Happy Birthday to my dream in the making!


Women Empowering Women – Betsy Fulmer

By | Women Empowering Women

Still today, there are barriers for women in any industry, but I have decided to live life as if things are rigged in my favor. I have found myself surrounded by strong, intelligent women – especially when it comes to my business. For that reason, today is the first of many blog posts about these women – how we met, how we lift each other up and how we cheer each other on. As I said in my Voyage Dallas interview “there is a magic in the air for women right now.” Let’s keep it going!

To get things started I am going to feature the woman that came into my life and has been uplifting my brand ever since: Betsy Fulmer. You may have seen her in my posts or Instagram stories, but you may not know quite how much she has impacted my business. Remember when I met Erin on a “street corner” at Arts Goggle 2017? Erin is the Founder of BiG, the nonprofit I have been collaborating with all year. You can read more about AlanaKay goes BiG here. After I met Erin, she asked Betsy to call me. Betsy was chairing the BiG Art Auction 2018. When she called, my first thoughts were WHO is this woman? And WHAT could I possibly do to help her? A couple months later Betsy and Erin were all in my studio learning about AlanaKayART resin pouring. Two beautiful relationships developed out of that experiment. One with Erin and BiG, and the other with Betsy.

The AlanaKay goes BiG paintings (4 of them) raised close to $70,000 for Brookwood in Georgetown and my trust in Betsy’s belief in me as an Artist was growing. After that, she said, “We need to get you to Vegas!” As crazy as it sounds… I said YES. This is where Betsy was becoming So Betsy, my favorite version of her by the way! 😉

The development of So Betsy Art Elevation was coming to life. She has always loved the arts, been involved in the arts, is a classicly trained Artist herself, and has a great eye for art. If you are looking for the perfect piece of art for your home or you are an Artist looking to take your business to the next level, Betsy is the right person to talk to.

Through her work and genuine good nature, she continues to help me learn my worth – as all women should try and do for each other. She empowers me to think bigger. She encourages me to try new things – which have involved exploring back alleyways in Downtown Las Vegas and doing aerial workouts in AlanaKayART leggings. No telling what she will get me into next!

So now I’d like to thank you, Betsy Fulmer, for being an amazing woman. Thank you for empowering me – and many others – on your journey through life. This doesn’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for you OR describe how proud I am of your accomplishments, but I hope it’s a good start!

Voyage Dallas Feature

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Throughout my Alana Kay Art journey I have received so many questions. Why fashion? Why art? Where do you want this to go? Well, in a recent piece by Voyage Dallas, many of these questions were answered.

The writers there had such great questions and touched on all of the right subjects! If you recall, I posted in May about my resin story  and not too long after, I wrote down my dreams behind #ArtasFashion . Both of these worked to capture my goals, dreams and my why, but Voyage Dallas also captured how I got here and now I am so glad to be able to share that with you as well.

I really appreciated how they asked about the challenges, because sometimes it’s just so easy to see all of the great wins from the outside. I have been blessed in my business so far but here is a peek at how it all started …

“I left my career to travel around for my husband’s job and to raise our family. Those things are important but definitely not the way I saw my work/life balance playing out when I graduated college. I needed to be right where I was for my family but I constantly had this burning desire to do more. I knew I was capable but I also needed to be flexible for the changes we were all going through. I stayed plugged in through volunteering, leadership training, and any side hustle I could add to my plate and do from home. I was often defeated by where I was professionally but I kept finding ways to stay relevant and push forward any small way I could.

Looking back, I see the importance of each difficult step along my journey. I do not believe I would have been set up to see the opportunity that was falling into place with AlanaKayART had I not been through some of the really difficult and dark places I had journeyed through to get there.”

She also asked the question I’ve been dying to answer!

“What do you feel are the biggest barriers today to female leadership, in your industry or generally?”

This question is huge. It is huge for me and my life, but more importantly it’s huge for every woman wanting to make her own life and happiness.

Here is a little peek of what I said:

“Women today are thinking outside of the box, really trying to go for the do-it-all lifestyle but with that comes many sideways looks or people not taking you seriously…” but, “There is a magic in the air for women right now, can you feel it? The conversations are happening around unequal pay, sexual abuse, glass ceilings, our voice, etc., and it is up to us to keep it going, keep moving forward, take chances, and be bold.”

I don’t want to give the whole piece away. It was definitely worth the read and put together so well! Thank you Voyage Dallas  for featuring me and giving me great questions to work through.

Click HERE to read the entire story.

BiG Collaboration | Celeste

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It’s not every day that you get to work with amazing people and connect your work with the community. I think that’s part of why March was such an exciting time for me and Alana Kay Art; the success of the BiG Art Auction still blows me away. Don’t remember what I’m talking about? Check out the blog about our first collaboration project here. Well, if you haven’t noticed the collaboration isn’t done yet! I’m excited to share with you the first BiG inspired collection: the Celeste Collection.

You may remember this painting from the auction; the citizens of this amazing community worked with me in my studio and we created this amazing piece and the colors and movement still give me chills. Like many of the other pieces I’ve worked with, I couldn’t stand to let the piece be sold and never seen again by me or the Brookwood in Georgetown citizens, so we just had to turn their art into fashion! You can’t let a good thing go.

On my website, you’ll find Celeste skirts, scarves, pillows and leggings ready to sell and the best part is that we will give 20% of the proceeds back to BiG. That’s what is so amazing about this project, the products are more than leggings, skirts etc. The products are representations of these citizens hard work to change the image that society has tried to create for them. The funds we raised at the event were amazing and hopefully will result in amazing things for the community, but what I love about our continued work together is that the giving doesn’t have to stop at the auction AND we can create something so meaningful. For example, meet Kylie. She is a citizen at Brookwood in Georgetown that worked with me on the Celeste piece; Kylie is so proud – as she should be – of what she created and of the impact it can have on her community. Prints with a story or with a meaningful past are hard to come by – especially when most are digitally created – and that is part of what makes #artasfashion so worthwhile.

If you’re able to drive to Georgetown, you’re also able to purchase these products in the BiG Shop and see their community! They have so many great products created by the citizens including the Celeste collection items: serving tray, leggings, skirt, stationary, and scarves. While you’re there you could sample something from their café or learn more about their mission; it is amazing to see how they are trying to change the world’s view of adults with special abilities. I don’t have to tell you how talented these people are, you can see it for yourself in their beautiful artwork and other products at Brookwood in Georgetown.

On top of our Celeste Collection, the store now has two commissioned pieces, one is called Morning Glory and the other is Glide. These were created more recently in a makeshift studio at Brookwood in Georgetown with the citizens and all of the proceeds of these paintings will go right back to the @brookwood_in_georgetown community!

There is so much to say about this community and our work together that is just hard to put into words. They have been such an amazing part of my life and work recently and I can’t wait to share what we have in store next!

Dreaming of the Beach

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If you have seen some of my last couple paintings you’ll know I love a beach vacation. It is so refreshing and inspiring to sit and see the waves crash. On my last trip to the beach, I was unwinding after a whirlwind business trip in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach did me wonders; it’s amazing how quiet time and reflection can help make things seem so clear. The trip also inspired a painting of its own and helped me understand just how much I accomplished in 3 days. That’s what all great beach vacations are ideal for right? They let us escape from the craziness that is everyday life.


This year I let my desire for sun and sand come out in the fashion I created out of my original paintings.  As I dreamed of my own beach vacation of sipping cocktails by the water overlooking the setting sun, I knew I wanted my art present; my art feels so vibrant to me that I want it present in day to day life. Vacations are no exception. I thought: it’d be perfect with a bathing suit, but would also be a stunning dress if you did it the right way. So why not have both? The scarf I designed is perfect for just that, it can be skirt, scarf or dress and that’swhat I wanted to be wearing as I walked on and off the sand. I think it would work well for other women trying to unwind at the ocean, too. I imagine a family at the beach and the kids are having a great time splashing around while the mom sunbaths; the scarf would be the perfect cover up for when the kids decide it’s ice cream time and she doesn’t want to slip out of her suit just yet or when she decides to walk along the water’s edge.


However, for those rainy afternoons when rain moves in and the wind starts to pick up, the Alana Kay skirts might be more practical. Since it’s a midi skirt with lining, it’ll keep you a little warmer against the sandy wind. It’s still easy to throw on over a bathing suit if you just need to run to the store really fast or are down by the water, but I prefer it for those dinners out. It’s perfect for when you overdo it a little in the sun and your legs are a bit pink – not burnt obviously, but pink. Pants and shorts would rub, but the skirt is flowy enough to fit the beach vibe, but also keep your legs comfortably free. It’s classy enough to work for a nice dinner out, especially if paired with strappy heels, which is a must for those extra special vacation dates.


Whether you’re off to a remote island, Florida or California, I hope that you enjoy that lovely night out andthe quiet time by the water. Let the water rush over your feet and remind you of the organic flow of colors expressed in my paintings and fashion. More than anything, let the experience refresh you and give you the relaxation you need.

Fort Worth Bleeds Purple

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Living near the TCU campus, I see purple everywhere! It is on billboards, storefronts, and in the clothing; this town just bleeds purple, especially in the Fall when students start to move back in and football season begins. While I didn’t go to TCU, I have to admit that purple is a fun color to use; it can be bright, light, pastel or dark and even better, it’s a fun way to be a part of the community.

Have you ever driven near the campus during move in or a game day? This time of year the baseball traffic and excitement is what I notice most and it is just so much fun! Everyone comes out in their purple and is preparing themselves to sit in this crazy Texas heat to watch their team play. Some girls dress up in their cowboy boots, but for the baseball games, I notice a lot more casual dress. I wish I could just throw out my purple leggings in between innings and say “here you go! These are SO much more comfortable than jeans!” Since I love the color purple and love the excitement of it all, I made two purple pairs of leggings. One is called “Fashionista,” in honor of the royal hue and the other is the “Purple Frog.” My hope is that these will be perfect for any TCU fan, even the young fans can wear them with our youth sized leggings

Most everyone in the area either went to TCU or knows someone that did and we made our TCU line with that in mind! Whether you know a recent grad or a long- time die-hard fan we put their favorite color into home décor these frogs will just love! Recent grads will likely be excitedly scrambling to furnish their first apartment or home away from campus and our art pops (used as coasters or fun decorations) and serving trays will help them decorate their space in a put together yet homey way! Both offer great quality and the luxury of art but also the colors of the school they called home for 4 years! And you can’t forget about the die-hard frog fans that just want purple no matter what the occasion, they would love these gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarmings of their own!


With Purple Fridays during football season and memorabilia in every store, I can’t help but be inspired by the love for TCU that I see every day. The University next door is more than a place to find really great babysitters, it’s a place that radiates school spirit and excitement throughout the entire city.



Art Turned Fashion

By | Art as Fashion, Trends

Alana Kay Art is my two-fold brand. On one side we have the luxury commissioned resin artwork; these one-of-a-kind pieces bring exclusive beauty and personality into homes and offices. But what is unique about my brand is that I saw the unassuming opportunity to bring the emotions you feel when you day dream while looking at one of my paintings into your daily life.

When I see a piece of art I LOVE, something changes in my heart. The art takes me to another place, surfaces a fond memory, brings a familiar smell or sound into my space, and I can easily lose myself in the artwork. I remember the moment I thought, “I can put this piece of art onto a pair of leggings!” It was like a lightbulb went off.

“Art as Fashion has the ability to transport those who wear it to their happy place throughout their day even in the most mundane tasks of life.”

I love Art as Fashion because art can be expensive. An original piece of art can easily be thousands of dollars and not everyone is in a place to be able to afford that every day of the week. But if that same art can be designed and worn as fashion, well then you can give the customer the same feeling they felt when they saw the original work. And BONUS it will be with them during their workout, at their doctor’s appointment, the office, or at home with them when they are unwinding.

Have you ever walked through an art gallery, a botanical garden, or any other place of pure beauty? That special feeling of being encapsulated in color and movement is what I want to bring to people’s daily routine. My hope is that you put on a pair of Alana Kay leggings (or skirt, scarf, dress) and while you’re flustered at the grocery store or at the gym wanting to quit you look down at the bright energetic leggings and breathe. You take in the colors you specifically put together for your happiness and you tell yourself “it’s ok. I can do this.”

Badass scarf. Can be worn as a scarf, swim cover up, dress or top.

With our newly launched Cha Cha handbag I hope to put a spring to your step. There is nothing better than grabbing that favorite statement piece as you head out the door. The next time you pick up the kids from school, head to the dentist office, or go out for a much-needed drink with friends, I hope having a bag like this on your arm will make you feel lighter somehow. Perhaps do a little Happy Dance yourself?

The Art as Fashion concept allows me to make the little parts of your day more enjoyable!

My Resin Story

By | Artist Story

The finished desk!

The very first piece by AlanaKayART. This is my personal desk. When I poured this first piece I had no idea what was to come. I mixed the resin wrong, so it didn’t cure properly and every day when I sit at this desk to communicate with a client or design an #artasfashion piece I am reminded of that soft resin under all of my papers and notebooks. The imperfection does not serve as a terrible reminder but rather a reminder that resin is my match. I am a recovering perfectionist and control freak. You cannot hold that tightly to your resin plans. Does that frustrate me? Sometimes. But I am enjoying the journey that resin is taking me on and I will not try to write the story, I will live out the story.

Torching out the bubbles to leave behind glassy perfection.

What is truly amazing is that in the last year, I have gone from commissioning work here and there, to creating my new brand of art as fashion. While it started with leggings it has transformed into a concept ranging from home fashion to stunning scarves turned dresses! I don’t know what I will create next, or what painting it will be based off of, but I can’t wait to find out.

So far, Alana Kay Art has taken twists & turns and given me unexpected ideas for new products that have turned into my favorites. My hope is that with whatever product you purchase, you will see the beauty in it throughout your days and it will cause you to be calm in the chaos, energized or inspired.

Copyrighted Image. No use without permission.